Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Little Big Fella's Antics

Two weeks ago I got a text message from our Family Day Carer telling me that two of the other kids were going to sign up for dance classes, and asking if the Little Big Fella would like to as well.  He generally likes to dance/move, so I said if he wanted to that was okay with me.

Today was his second hip hop class and it was almost as entertaining as his first!

Am I allowed to say that he has very little sense of rhythm?  And can't stay focused long enough to complete a simple set of dance steps?


He has more enthusiasm than the rest of the class put together!!!

When it's time to kick, he kicks with enough effort to knock himself to the ground.

When it's time to "bounce", he puts in a Tigger effort and tries to hit the ceiling with his head.

When they're instructed to step to the side, I'm sure he thinks he has legs 6 feet long that can reach the other side of the room in one step if he just stretches that little bit further!

It's so fun to see him mucking around and laughing and just having so much fun (even though I suspect it's hard work for his teacher).

In other news, we had our first trip to the school dental van today!  It turns out that he was their first appointment this year because no one else had turned up so far!

As well as the one wobbly tooth we knew about, I was informed that the one next to it is also loosening, he has his first adult teeth coming up at the back of his mouth on the bottom, and the two teeth at the back on the top row have something that causes discolouration (which was apparently caused when I was around 4 weeks pregnant but is nothing to worry about).  The Little Big Fella got to keep the dentist's mirror ("to keep an eye on your new and wobbly teeth"), and received a sticker for having no holes in any of his teeth.  Happy dentist, happy boy, happy mum :)

The other "event" of the week happened on Monday afternoon.  We were getting ready to go to a friend's place for dinner so we'd finished homework nice and quickly and the Little Big Fella went off to have a shower.  He's started running the shower himself over the past couple of months, so I was getting other things ready while he did that.

I'd noticed that the water hadn't started running and assumed the Little Big Fella was on the loo.  I even called out as I went past doing something else to make sure he was okay.  The answer was in the affirmative so I kept on with my list of "to-do"s.

A few minutes later my boy appears from the bathroom, quite proud of himself, and announces that he has had a haircut.

Yep, you guessed it!  He's cut his fringe with the scissors.

Oddly enough, I'd actually thought we'd escaped the possibility of a hair disaster!  I thought he was passed the age where that was likely to happen.

I thought wrong!

I shuttled the Little Big Fella into the bathroom to check out the damage and see what remedy might be required.  Yep, you guessed again!  He'd cut it right in the middle at the front, almost all the way to the scalp, in several places.

Honestly!  I should have known this was coming!

Lately the Little Big Fella has been trialling everything in the bathroom!  He cut his lip with a safety razor last week, has used almost all of the Big Fella's facewash in less than a week, and sprayed who knows how much of his deodorant under his arms on the weekend (enough to make a pile of white, powdery residue on the floor of the bathroom!).

So, as we're getting ready to go to dinner, out come the clippers and he now has a number 3 buzz cut.  He has a pretty good head for buzz cuts, but I really hate them on him!  I can't wait for it to grow back enough for me to trim the back and sides!!!

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