Friday, 20 December 2013

ScooterShell rides again!!!

Before I had the Little Big Fella, I used to ride a little 50cc scooter to work at the backpackers.  It was so much fun and cost me something like $3 a week in fuel.

It was also where I got the name "ScooterShell".

I just found a photo of my little old scooter.  It's not a great pic, but gives you the idea of the size.

You gotta love the tough expression, hey?

Well, when the Little Big Fella came along, it was time to ditch the scooter.  I ended up getting an awesome camera with the money :-D

But today I'm back on the road and am, once again, ScooterShell!

The Big Fella has bought me a brand new scooter for Christmas.  The idea is that I can ride it to work and free up the car, as well as reducing our fuel costs.  The new scooter is a tad bigger than the old one!

It's shiny and zippy and has SO much room and is fun and quiet and comfortable.

The Big Fella drove it home and I was just a bit jealous.  Okay, I was very jealous.  But because I'm on my Learner's, and hadn't ridden in four years, and the "bike" is so much bigger and heavier, we decided to let him do the hour drive home.

But once we got home (and put all the shopping away etc.) it was my turn!

Seriously, it is SO zippy!!!  I turned the throttle a little and was suddenly doing 60kms!!!  You should have seen the smile on my face :-D

I need to do a little practice at the slow stuff though.  I nearly dropped it twice on the first drive around our little town, both times when I was going slow and turning right.  I can't wait to practice some more!

Oh!  I forgot to tell you it's a Honda Forza 300, for those who want to know.

And it really is kind of heavy.  I just couldn't get it onto the centre stand without the Big Fella's help and I was so frustrated about it.  But after showing my new baby off to my neighbor, I finally worked it out.  I literally jumped up and down and did a little dance.

I'm hanging out to have another ride tomorrow!  This afternoon the Big Fella had to go to work and we ended up having the Little Big Fella's best friend and his brother here until bedtime.  Even though we were having fun, I was itching to ride!

But tomorrow is a new day and the Big Fella will be home and you can bet I'll be riding around our little town, getting used to my new scooter.  I can't wait!!!

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