Wednesday, 2 October 2013

On to the next stage!

I was rather nervous this morning.  And I didn't really sleep so well last night either.


Because last night I was cramming.

Yesterday I was called in for two job interviews (at different businesses) today.  So yesterday evening I attempted to get my head into "interview mode" and remember all the great things about me as an employee.  I read a few websites about job interviews and came across those stupid "behavioural" interview questions.

You know the ones!  They normally start something like, "tell me about a situation where you...".

God I hate those!

Ask me any question you like about my skills or approach and I'll come up with a decent answer.  But ask me for specifics and my mind goes completely blank!

I haven't worked full time in over 4 years!!!  And in the meantime, I've had a baby.  Haven't you ever heard of baby brain???  I'm sure it deletes all memory of everything you've ever said or done!

And then there's the "why do you think you're the best person for this position?" question.

So this morning I was nervous.

The first interview turned out to be more like a job description.  She told me about the role, I asked questions, she asked a couple of really easy skill-based questions, and it was over!  She said she'd call in the afternoon and let me know.

The second was an interview at the NAB (National Australia Bank).  I'd done an interview back in March and didn't get the job.  But I was told that I'd interviewed well and they'd like to keep me on their files in case another position came up.

I got a call-back at the end of June, went in for a chat and didn't hear much until mid August, when I was told that they hoped to start training me for a relief position at the start of September.  Nothing happened.

Then yesterday they asked me to come in for another interview today because the relief is in our closest town and the next largest town as well, and the manager there wanted to know more about me and meet me herself.

The first interview in March was the behavioural style of interview.  So you can imagine my complete relief when they said it wouldn't be that style of interview!!!!  Yay!!!!

We had a chat, I answered questions, I asked questions and by the end of it the other manager approved me for the position.  The local manager then told me about the process that happens now and it looks like I'll be training in about three weeks time!

So, I'm going to be a Customer Adviser (that's "teller" to most people) for NAB.

Which means we, as a family, are moving in to a new stage of our lives.  I won't be a 100% stay-at-home mum anymore, which will change the way some things are done.  Add that to the upcoming start of school for the Little Big Fella (in 4 months) and we have another change to our family dynamic!

The Big Fella decided that we needed to celebrate so we went out to lunch at one of the local pubs.  Then we went and bought a new blow-up pool (the old one had a hole in it), came home, mowed and then put the pool up under the shade and had a swim.

I called the other place that I'd interviewed at this morning to tell them I'd accepted another job.  Know what she said?  "I was just about to call you and say you had the job!"

Guess it's just time for me to get back to work ;-)

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